Climber: Three-Time WebAward Winner! is honored to receive its third WebAward for the Employment Standard of Excellence which recognizes the company for its outstanding achievement in web development.

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Mingle, LLC Boasts 482% Three-Year Growth, Places Sixth at “Fastest 100”

San Diego, CA  (PRBuzz) July 20, 2012 — Mingle, LLC ( experienced exponential growth since 2009 and was recently named to San Diego Business Journal’s “Fastest 100.” The company earned recognition as the sixth fastest growing private company in 2012, with an astonishing three-year growth of 482%. Mingle and its employees certainly have cause to celebrate.

Mingle, founded in 2005, launched the innovative job search site but really gained traction in 2009 as they integrated with social media companies like LinkedIn and Twitter.

“The way people advance in their career has changed, our tools accelerate the way professionals network. Over the last three years, we have found our sweet spot,” stated Mike O’Brien, Mingle’s CEO.

The company has also created force-multiplying software for recruiters, Climber Catalyst, and for professionals looking to enhance their personal brand, 2011, Mingle acquired private social network provider Affinity Circles, Inc ( to extend their reach to college-educated professionals.

Today, maintains a directory of 400,000 recruiting professionals and hiring managers and with Affinity Circles hase nearly 10 million members. “We are very excited about how far we have come,” says O’Brien, “but the future looks even brighter.”
Mingle is incredibly enthusiastic about their new social wine site, Wine Battles (, that is set to launch in the next month. The site allows oenophiles to experience, rate, and compare new wines in an elimination-style tournament.

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About Mingle, LLC
Founded in 2005, Mingle, LLC is a San Diego based technology firm that owns and operates social web properties including, Affinity Circles, Inc. and The company focuses on software solutions that enhance social interactions.  The company was named the 4th Fastest Growing Technology company by Technology 200 in 2011 and the 6th Fastest Growing company by the San Diego Business Journal.

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Climber Tops Tech 200!

The Tech 200 list is diverse in its industries. It boasts electronics recycler ecoATM, enterprise software support company Rimini Street and social job search tool, as well as other companies in consulting, hardware, mobile and more……

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One year ago, introduced its Executive Package.  The product was designed to leverage a Recruiter’s unique insight and objective input, during the process of developing a career brand through a professional resume. Since its launch,’s California based team has analyzed tens of thousands of resumes for its members.  Members can take this insight and rebuild their resume themselves or choose to work with Climber’s team of Senior Recruiters.

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Climber Wins 2011 WebAward!

For the second year in a row, is honored for it’s Outstanding Achievement in Web Development!

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Leadli Ends Beta and Officially Launches Social Application Manager!

San Diego, CA / PRBuzz / August 22, 2011 – – Mingle, LLC announced today the completion of its Beta phase and the official launch of Leadli (, its Social Media Application Manager. Leadli allows companies to effortlessly create and manage social media applications that enable them to automatically syndicate content, increase customer loyalty or manage their employee referral program through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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“If you are actively seeking a job, then this is the site for you. Even if you’re happily working, can still add value to your life. Just by getting your name out there, you are increasing the chances of being hired. You can also search through millions of job openings on multiple different job boards. The use of networking is skyrocketing and it only makes sense to use a site that is at the forefront of technology and experience. is a site that will change lives. Just by using the trial and getting my name out, and searching through the millions of jobs, I’ve already obtained something money cannot buy. $39.99 a month is a small price to pay, in my opinion, for this type of un-rivaled service.”

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Climber Now Connects Jobseekers With Over 400,000 Recruiters! has continuously enhanced the way jobseekers can network with Recruiters in the online space. First, they allowed candidates to directly connect and interact with Recruiters who followed them on their social media influenced platform. Next, Climber introduced their Recruiter Directory, which allows jobseekers to send their resume to the hiring manager at their ideal company, removing possible blockage from an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Now has taken the step toward long-term career management for their users, by introducing the ability for candidates to invite contacts from the Recruiter Directory into their LinkedIn network!

Climber’s Recruiter Directory currently houses over 400,000 Recruiters and hiring managers, across all industries nationwide. With their new integration with LinkedIn API, Climber Premier members can now personally invite Recruiters into their network, in addition to directly sending them a resume and networking for open positions.

This new feature creates a long term benefit for both the candidate and the Recruiter. Candidates can grow their LinkedIn network and secure relevant business contacts, which can help them secure a position and increase their networking abilities once they are gainfully employed. On the other side, Recruiters and hiring managers benefit for the long-term by regularly increasing their candidate pool to reference for their next hiring opportunity.

For more information visit or reach out to one of our Career Counselors at 1-800-374-7113.

About is a groundbreaking online career management site for today’s highly diverse, talented professionals and the companies who seek to employ them. With exclusive, in-depth online career profiles, creates a Personal Brand for its members and then markets that brand via a highly targeted recruiting process, reaching key decision makers at an applicant’s preferred companies nationwide. With its unique, fully Search Engine Optimized profiles, reaches hundreds of thousands of recruiting and hiring managers each month, and helps more than 1,000,000 job seekers every month pursue their career goals.

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Climber Develops Internet’s First Career Management Software!

San Diego, CA,  January 20, 2011 — It is only a few weeks into 2011 and the New Year is already bringing much needed help to jobseekers. With the launch of their version 3.0, career site, has created an indispensible tool for job seekers to find positions and manage their search.

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Climber CMS Career Calendar

Career Calendar

Climber offers a calendar feature allowing jobseekers to schedule an upcoming career appointment, such as an interview or a networking event. When scheduling, jobseekers can also create a reminder to receive an email or text alert prior to the event. “We make it easy to stay on top of a member’s job search with calendaring, thank you note reminders, and their resume send history,” says O’Brien, “ it helps them become the best candidate they can be.”

To Connect With Recruiters And Use The Career Calendar, Visit:

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